How to Make Waterfalls – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide


How to Make Waterfalls – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, players will be able to unlock terraforming abilities using the Island Desyoutubeer App, and modify their island as they see fit,

Animal Crossing New Horizons: SECRET AREA & WATERFALL ENTRANCE (Design Hidden Garden ACNH) [PATCHED]

►’Like’ for WATERFALLS ��

Today we take a step back from the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons news, and instead go over all the steps you need to know to create a secret area on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island.
In today’s Animal Crossing tutorial, we make use of the waterfall hop glitch trick, that allows you to jump through a waterfall.
We use this as an entrance as we design a secret zen garden.
Of course, we say glitch, but it’s not really a glitch, because instead of jump over a hole, or thin river, we manage to jump over small waterfalls instead.
Do you have a secret area on your Island? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me a picture ��

Today’s word of the day is… “ZEN”.
So if you like the idea of having a secret area on your island, and you’ve read this description, please post “ZEN” in the comments, just to let me know. Plus you’ll become part of the #DescriptionGang, and who wouldn’t want that �� But seriously, it helps out so much.

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How To Make Epic Waterfalls In Animal Crossing New Horizons

This is my second video teaching you how to create waterfalls in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Decoration Tips & Tricks #7 (Niagara Falls Tutorial)

Hey everyone, it’s Judi here! In today’s video we recreated the iconic Niagara Falls! The hurricane deck of Niagara Falls is my favorite place to visit and if you ever get the chance, I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself! Since I love this waterfall so much in real life, I knew I had to add it to Sayshell island! I hope you enjoy the video and get some inspiration for your own island! ��

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How to Make a Double Natural Waterfall | TERRAFORMING TUTORIAL | Animal Crossing New Horizons

Want to learn how to make natural looking double corner waterfalls in ACNH? Then look no further! In this video I expand on the small corner waterfall shown here: to make it a double level more impressive feature.

Perfect for your fairycore / cottagecore / natural forest animal crossing islands!